Hammer Miracle Lesson To 400 Yards
"The Greatest Golf Lesson Ever" - Golf Digest
30 Yards In 30 Minutes!
"Do You Want To Hit longer golf shots..? World's Longest Driver Reveals How You Can Add 30 Easy Yards And Hit It Dead Straight Guaranteed..."
The Hidden Swing Secret Teaching Pro`s Don't Want You To Know About...
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"...I can put 30-50 yards on any golfer in under 1 hour "

"If I used a traditional swing set up like the pros teach (right side) I'd lose 100 yards and be hitting it 280-300 yards at most. It's when I use the Hammer Method (Left Side) that the magic happens. I literally lose 100 yards if I use traditional swing mechanics (right side). I can put 30-50 yards on any golfer in under 1 hour. Don't take my word for it, try it for yourself" 

- Jack Hamm

When You Tweak your body into This very unique position at address You Get incredible BODy leverage!
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About Jack "The Hammer" Hamm

No one can teach you this Swing Miracle but us...Not even Tiger Woods... You could take lessons for the next 10 years and never learn it…Until NOW!


- 6-time World Long Driver Champion

- Holds 6 world records.

- His Drives have 11 seconds of hang time!

- Masters degree in engineering

- Only human alive to average 400 yards off   the tee and   he is over 50 years old!

- Created "Grip it and Rip it" when he have golf lessons to   John Daly!

- Can hit an 8 iron 260 yards every time!

- In 1 round grove 8 par 4's and had only 29   golf shots...   with 43 putts... Wow if only the   hammer could putt then.

- On a 358 yard hole he had to chip back 100 yards   because he flew the green by 100 yards!

- Banned from every driving range in America for losing all   their golf balls!

- Out drives all the leading pros by over 100 yards!

- Holds 10 patents

- Given lessons to all of the leading pros and added 50   yards to their shots in 15 minutes!

- He genuinely wants to help every golfer play better golf.   His  greatest satisfaction is to help others play golf!

- He has 8 course records with a low round of 58!

In addition to holding 6 Guinness World Long Drive records, I personally have given lessons to many of the leading PGA pro's as well as many well known Celebrities. Since 1998, my Hammer Swing Lesson has accounted for more than 289 wins on the PGA tour, including 41 Major Championship victories...

I’ve shared my Hammer Lesson to many golf professions and well known celebrities who include:

Tiger Woods (14 majors), Arnold Palmer (7 majors), Phil Mickelson (5 majors), Greg Norman (3 majors), Sergio Garcia (1 major), John Daly (3 majors), Freddie Couples (5 majors), Don Coe Jones (1 major), Steve Jones (1 major), Al Geiberger (1 major), Joey Sindelar, Danny Edwards, Michael Jordan, John Elway, Sean Connery, Sylvester Stallone and many, many more…
The great thing about this secret technique is you don’t need to actually swing to practice it. You can practice it anywhere, at anytime. Plus, it’s so simple you can learn it in under 30 minutes. But I will be totally honest, it will feel completely unusual to you, as it’s a set-up you would have never done before in your golf swing. But that’s exciting, because that means this technique is going to help you for once to hit the ball properly every time.!
How This Will Help You...
Add 30-50 Yards To All Your Shots.
Lower Your Score By Up To 20 Shots. Increase Your Club Head Speed By 20% and Drop Your Handicap By 10. Guaranteed!
Remember Your Lowest Round... It Just Got A Lot Lower!
Real Golfers Success Stories

Every PGA Professional golfer should read this book. This really simplifies teaching golf to all levels of golfers.This is the best kept secret in golf.
– Steve Haggerty, PGA Professional

All is can say is “WOW!” This book really changed my game. Never brook 100 and after this book,  I had rounds in the 70’s. Amazing!
– Jack Murray, President, Dunn & Bradstreet

My hair has stood on end twice in my life. Once when I saw the Grand Canyon as a kid. The other time when I saw Jack Hamm hit a golf ball. I saw Jack warm up hitting an 8-iron 260 yards and drives over 400 yards – against a 20 mph wind – Unbelievable.
– Bob Pastin Executive Sports Editor,  St. Louis  Post Dispatch

Thanks to you, my power golf game has never been better. The technique works.
– Jim Leyland, Manager, Pittsburgh Pirates, Florida Marlins and Colorado Rockies

Dear Jack, I wanted to say thanks again for takingtime out of your weekend to give us a lesson. We all learned a great bit. In fact, we were so excited to put our new game into play that we cancelled our fishing plans for Sunday and played golf instead. While we all found our score went down with the new stroke, we all realized the potential. The new form will take hours of practice. Each of us had some incredible shots. Mr. T in particular found shocking results with the system. I would say his drives were traveling as much as 50 -100 yards further than before. He will be a loyal convert. We also couldn’t stop talking about the balls disappearing after your hits. It still doesn’t make sense to us. “Sugoi” was all we could say (Wow). Thanks again.
– Chris Wootten, Japan

Every time I need an extra 30 yards, I think of Jack’s incredible method.  This will help all women add 30 yards to their swing.
– Dawn Coe Jones, LPGA

I received your power golf system. My driving skills have never been better. This is my secret weapon. I must admit I’ve added between 20-40 yards to my drives, along with greater control.  Thank you. I tell all my associates. This will help everybody.
– Dr. Peter Hansen, Inventor, Face Master

Dear Jack, Just a note to tell you how happy I am with the Secret of Power Golf. As a 63 yr. old (with an arthritic back and 12 handicap) a long drive was in the 220 yd range. The last time out I had a drive on the 1st hole of 290 yds with no wind. Being 50+ yards past your younger opponents can certainly be intimidating. Thanks for putting so much fun back in the game. Sincerely,
– Bill Eggen 609 Conrad St. Jefferson City, MD

Dear Jack: I believe! I believe! I believe! When I arrived in Aspen on Monday about 1:30, I immediately went to the golf range to hit a bucket of balls and guess what — I hit the ball almost the same way. About seven out ten drives went straight and long. Jack, I thank you; Beverly thanks you; my children, my grandchildren, my gardner and my banker thank you for making my life so comfortable again. I really now think I can play golf, sort of. You really are a great teacher and after watching your tape, it even strengthens more my belief in the “hammer” .system. And, incidentally, I played golf with one of my employees up in Aspen, her name is Kris Larson, and I actually taught her how to use your system and guess what — she hit the hell out of the ball. So, it really does work. Thanks again for putting so much value back into my game.Warmest regards,
- Herbert M. Fischer, Senior Vice President, MGM Studio

The Secret of Power Golf is great. This is unique and will have a tremendous impact on every golfer. I invented the best Swing Trainer, the perfect swing trainer and your technique is the perfect golf  swing –  It’s awesome! I split the fairway everytime 30-40 more yards. I love your system.  All my buddies want to know your system.
– Peter Harrold, US Golf Liq. Inc.

Video Testimonials...
What Is The Golf Secret That The Pro's Don't Want You To Know?
Golf's Hidden Secret... Listen Now!
1,103,973 Hammer Golfers

The Hammer Swing Miracle Story

Created by golf's #1 Golf Instructor and 6-Time World Long Driver Champion Jack "The Hammer" Hamm. This the first REAL Swing Technique that actually works... The Hammer Swing Miracle Lesson to 400 yards is a Miracle for every golfer…This is a lesson of a lifetime…. If you can’t Break 100, then this is for you. If you gave the golf game up, this is for you… If you now shoot in the 90’s or 80’s and want to shoot in the 70’s, this is for you… THIS IS FOR EVERY GOLFER THAT WANTS TO BE A BETTER GOLFER… A LOT BETTER GOLFER.. You will learn from the Best in the World.. This is the Best swing in the world…Why would you waste your time and money on anyone else other than the Hammer.The Longest, Straightest and most Consistent Golf Swing ever!
– Jack “The Hammer” Hamm

This Is Golf Made Easy
The secret is in your address position...
You'll "free your mind" and play with more confidence and enjoyment with only one simple swing thought.  This Will Blow You Away!
30 Yards In 30 Minutes
Jack Hamm Has Given Private Lessons to Pro’s, Kings, Queens, and Celebrities…
The Hammer Swing Miracle requires No practice. No Muscle memory… No other Golf swing or lesson is based on this. This lesson is priceless and will change the face of golf swing history forever!
All Other Golf Swing Techniques Are Now Obsolete!
Think About It... It Makes A Lot Of Sense...

This is Real, So Simple, Easy Golf! An Engineered Golf swing designed by 6 – time World Champion, Jack “The Hammer” Hamm… No one has ever figured out the Golf swing like this until now….It is a Brilliant breakdown of Optimizing the Backswing, Downswing, Clubhead Speed and Accuracy.  Everyone has heard of the Fosbury Flop in High Jump. Dick Fosbury, invented the backward roll over the bar.                                                                                                                             Everyone went a foot higher in High Jump. He changed the sport and history of High jumping forever… Now Jack has done the same with the golf swing. He changed how we all thought about the golf swing… Forever… This is how dramatic this Hammer Swing Miracle Lesson is for YOU… You will finally get into that Secret Release Point that the leading pros all get into AUTOMATICALLY!

Add 30 Easy Yards
After This Lesson... Or It's FREE!
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60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

My 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee ...
If you put this swing into practice you’ll add more than 30 yards to your drives. I believe that so strongly that I’m going to give you a Completely no risk, 100% money-back guarantee. If you don’t add at least 30 yards to your drives after completing this program...Just let me know and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase anytime within 60 days of the purchase date...There is no risk on you whatsoever.
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30 Yards In 30 Minutes Guaranteed!
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The Hammer Secret Miracle
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Jack “The Hammer” Hamm has given private lessons to pro’s, kings, queens, world leaders and many famous people and NOW HE IS GOING TO HELP YOU!
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The Hammer Secret Miracle
To 400 Yards...
The 1 Hour Miracle Video Lesson!
Jack “The Hammer” Hamm has given private lessons to pro’s, kings, queens, world leaders and many famous people and NOW HE IS GOING TO HELP YOU!
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Get A Private Swing Analysis from Jack "The Hammer" Hamm himself NOW!
30 Yards In 30 Minutes Guaranteed!
Option 3: Video Submittal With FREE eBook and Video Included.
Video Submittal Story
Couple years back Jack Held a private 2 day live golf event in the Alps. This was only for high paying clients with a ticket of $10,000 to share his secrets with the selected people… So in the Alps Jack guaranteed that in 2 days they will add 30 yards to their shots, drop 20 strokes in their next round, and add 20% more clubbed speed or their money back and they had a 60 day money back guarantee.

So a bunch of people wanted to attend but he only selected a small group... He said "you be the judge because thats a pretty strong offer. You have 60 days to see if its worth it. If it wasn't worth it then people will ask for their money back." So Jack shared his secrets...60 days later… No one asked for their money back…

They paid 10 thousand dollars for only 2 days to come and learn the secrets... the missing element in the golf swing that allows Jack to average 400 yards off the tee and hit it dead straight every time…by the second day everyone hit it at least 30 yards further and dropped 20 strokes off their round…Jack also sent everyone home with literature to further ingrain the 5 simple steps learned in the Alps! The literature was a book and a video explaining the 5 steps that they learned which really only takes 30 minutes to learn. One of the attendees called it a "30 Minute Miracle"...and it really is a miracle!

The second day was spent actually playing golf with Jack Hamm helping everyone ingrain the 5 steps perfectly personalized to each individual... Now with the power of the internet he can do the same thing online. He is now releasing it digitally to the public… "I'm letting people buy this.. If a person buys today. they are not going to pay 10 thousand dollars... Not even close…I will guarantee they will add 30 yards and hit it dead straight or I don't want you to give me your money…You know I must be convinced that it will work for you and that people will love it with an offer like that!" - Jack Hamm
Upon purchase you will be given an email to submit your video.  Please allow up to 24 hours after submission for your private tips sent directly to your email from the Hammer himself.
Jacks Swing Miracle eBook and Online Video Are Also Included For FREE
You Will Get A $10,000 Value Private Swing Analysis From the Hammer Himself!
Jack will personally show you how to get into the 400 yard secret release point!
EMAIL your 20 second SWING VIDEO TO THE HAMMER HIMSELF! He will analyze your swing and provide you the secret tips that will CHANGE YOUR GOLF GAME FOREVER!!!
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