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      NEW 2017 HAMMER 400 XL 
           Jack Hamm is the 6-Time Long Drive Champion and
           the #1 Golf Club Designer in the World!


Success Stories
Hammer-X Upgrade; X-SHAFT: Rating EXCELLENT: Used the club the next day after I received it and loved it. The Hammer X is unbelievable, everything they said it was!! The Jack Hammer DVD is fantastic, I implemented his teachings from the video and not only improve from the tee I improved with my Iron shots as well. Can't wait to practice more with those techniques and really blow away my friends!
Joseph Pesce
Dear Jack, Hope all is well with you. Shot my lowest nine ever last week - Thirty-three (33) on the back, I had a 39 on the front for a par round! They don't come very often. I can absolutely say beyond any doubt that it is due to using your "5 easy steps" DVD. I plan to teach my granddaughters your method so don't be surprised to hear the US Women's Open Champ 2024 shout POW!!!! after her drive on the 18th hole Sunday. Thanks for all you have done for golfers like me. Sincerely,
Ken "Doc" Dozier
I have been a club maker for 17 years, so I can attest to how much difference a well fit and well built club can make to your game... I love this driver the Hammer -X, Jack, and can say I hit it longer, straighter, and more consistently than any driver I have ever built. Kudos to you for having the wherewithal to take the driver to such an extreme. It beats any driver on the market, bar none.. Thanks again!!!!
John Cox, Roswell, NM... age 65
I love my new HAMMER GOLF CLUBS Jack.
I bumped from work and met some mates at Mactaquac Golf Course last Friday.
It took a little while to get "the swing" but by the time we hit the 9th tee I was yelling "BOOM".
You should have seen the faces on the other guys.
With heads the size of babies on their drivers they were feeling the "hurt".
A sly 5 iron put me up pin high on the green and left a 20 foot put that went straight as an arrow into the center of the cup for birdie. Now I have the HAMMER PUTTER doing its thing.
There is no doubt left that these are the best golf clubs I have ever played with and with more time spent watching your DVD and some more practice I will be ready to golf with some of the local "big boys". By the time we rolled off the 18th hole my mates were asking all these questions about the price of your HAMMER CLUBS and when I told them their mouths stopped working.Guess you will have some more orders coming in from New Brunswick Jack.
Can you please send me the very best you can do on your HAMMER IRONS 3 - 9.with postage ?Thank you very much for everything Jack.
RV Pete Mossman Your #1 RV Exper
I am a mechanical engineer. I took the Hammer x driver to the course and hit 20 yards beyond my normal drive on every hole. I like the feel of this driver as it comes back and around. This is not a paid testimonial or anything of the kind. After hitting this driver, I left my $500 Titleist and my $400 Callaway in the bag. This club works and does as the advertising claims. I have spent a lot of money for this result with high price clubs. But the Jack Hamm driver is the only club to actually DELIVER.
Buy it NOW!!!!!!
David L. Foster
I want Jack’s Hammer 400 XL driver now so I can finally hit my Longest, Straightest and most Consistent Drives!
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Hammer 400 XL Driver
Hammer 400 XL Success Stories
"I never miss a fairway! I shot my lowest round ever with this driver"
Beau Rials
"This is the best driver ever designed! This will help everyone"
Al Geiberger
"It's just that easy. Line it up and add an easy 50 yards. No other driver makes golf EASY"
Jolly Demis
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